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Brand Identity, Creative Consultancy & Art Direction


Welcome to T.E.D.Y's branding identity, where human energy meets nature in harmony, and technology paves the way for transformation!


Asır Bank icon incorporates two hourglasses in a perspective view. The perspective view of the logo represents depth, durabilirty, balance, symmetry, and empowers trustworthiness. Hourglasses symbolize the bridge of heritage & future, and the passage of time, emphasize the continuous flow of progress.


To create a holistic brand experience for Egro Coffee that prioritizes the environment and the planet in all procurement and production processes, SENSORY took on the task of creating a unique and creative branding and packaging project.



We are  excited to announce that "Moodie" F&B brand will be launched soon!



Inspired by the mystical charm of Marnia, our design concept transports you from the depths of the sea to the golden sands of Colombian shores.


IGA - Istanbul Grand Airport, and SENSORY proudly present a remarkable initiative that empowers children affected by the Turkey/Syria earthquake of 2023. On the auspicious occasion of Children's Day, they discovered a delightful avenue to learn about the wonders of the airport through a captivating droodles booklet.

Booklet Mockup.png

iTALK is an Impact 17+1 Club initiative, inviting impact leaders to share impactful vision, stories and action.

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