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Art, Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainable Environmental Design & Urban Design

Sensory Atelier



Location:  Guangdong, China

The project consists of 6 different buildings; Ancient Tree Wellness Hotel, Hotel Villa Guesthouse, Hillside Villa, Mountain Top Big House, Hillside Townhouse and Treehouse.





Location: Nevada, USA

Co-existing with its unique topography, climate and splendid scenery; Hyperloop Desert Campus is an iconic campus in one of the most sublime and reminiscent places on earth: The Mojave Desert.

MV 2013_LAP_Hyperloop Desert Campus_Cam 02_V3_REVISED_edited.jpg




Location: Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Feeling the harmony between art, architecture and nature.

1 (9)-min_edited.jpg

Location:  Riga, Latvia


Mind Nest blurs the limit between a human being and nature, instead of isolating from nature it involves the occupant to the forest, making it part of the ecosystem. For a silent meditation practice, it allows for the occupant to hear the rain, feel the sun, touch the snow while meditating without leaving the cabin as the walls are foldable and lead to spacious terraces.







Optiverse is the metaworld created by ILLUSORR and SENSORY for Optima Orbits.

Sensory Virtual Office acts as the virtual headquarters which includes Sensory Studio, Sensory Atelier, Sensory Farm, Gallery, Lounge & Meeting Rooms.






Location:  Istanbul, Turkey

Taxon is a 3D Printed 4m tall spatial exoskeleton prototype that aims to rethink structural element of today and future.

Exhibited as part of Sonar+D, Sonar Festival 2020 at Zorlu Center.

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