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Horasis Global Meeting

We are pleased to announce that Begum Aydinoglu has been invited to speak at the upcoming “Horasis Global Meeting” in Gaziantep/Türkiye. The event is set for 22-23 October, and it promises to be an enlightening experience.

Horasis is a global think tank located in Zurich. Since its establishment in 2005, it’s been a forum where world leaders and thinkers come together to address global economic and social issues.

Begum Aydinoglu will be part of a panel discussion titled “Developing Mobile Globalized Disaster Management” on the 22nd of October. We’ll tackle the challenges faced during disaster relief mobilization, a topic brought into sharp focus by the recent earthquake in Gaziantep region. The session will address the hurdles in data collection and analysis, coordination of rapid response teams, and the deployment of subsequent relief systems and architecture.


How can we be better prepared, and how can nations efficiently accept and provide aid, transcending cultural and geopolitical boundaries? These are questions we aim to explore, hoping to identify actionable and practical solutions.

We are looking forward to engaging in this critical conversation as we explore effective strategies for a global approach to economic and social issues.

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