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Egro Coffee Systems




Istanbul, Turkey



Design and Project Director

Begum Aydinoglu

Project Team

Zeynep Ayanoglu


Berkant Demirbek

Set Design

Zeynep Satik


The world is waking up to the importance of sustainable consumption, and Egro Coffee Systems has been at the forefront of this trend. With their commitment to delivering local coffee experience in an environment-friendly way that drives conscious choices: premium coffee beans, renewable resources, compostable products, recyclable packaging, most importantly delicious coffee made with good people. Now, Egro Coffee Systems and SENSORY are proud to announce the launch of a new range of innovative and eco-friendly coffee experience.

To create a holistic brand experience for Egro Coffee that prioritizes the environment and the planet in all procurement and production processes, SENSORY took on the task of creating a unique and creative branding and packaging project. As Egro Coffee production network is based on innovation-oriented and robotic systems based on a sustainability cycle, which is fully intersected with SENSORY design DNA and the result is a set of premium, sophisticated, and sustainable coffee products that are designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible.


SENSORY and Egro Coffee Systems Deliver a Sustainable & Innovative Coffee Experience with New Branding & Packaging Project

The Egro Coffee philosophy of "Coffee, Nature & Future" is perfectly embodied in their corporate identity and their products, which include their logo, recyclable packages, compostable capsules branding and marketing strategy, every brand touch point needed to convey their vision. Each design element of the Egro Coffee Systems range has been carefully created to promote a sustainable and eco-friendly coffee experience.


Inspired by Egro Coffee’s environment-friendly mission, SENSORY's approach to the Egro Coffee branding and packaging project was to create an upscale and sophisticated mood, with organic geometries and curves that exist in nature. As Egro Coffee pods are made entirely from plants and have been produced on the planet in biodegradable form, the Egro color palette is selected from natural colors: green, brown, stone, and charcoal.

Besides SENSORY aimed to create a contrast between the legacy and future by preserving previous traditional characteristics of the Egro Coffee Systems‘ logo. The new futuristic logo is integrated with an algorithmic base and 3D grid. Each shape on the logo represents the tagline "Coffee, Nature and Future" by creating a bridge between the past, now, and future. This logo algorithm has the capability to turn into any multi-disciplinary design element such as furniture, architectural scale, or 2D graphic element. Algorithmic and molecular thinking was integrated into the project to achieve the most optimized and systematized working - creating methodologies in every design process. The power of this project is coming from algorithmic design thinking through the journey of creation.

In addition to these environment-friendly approaches, packages are produced using FSC®-certified paper packaging approved by the "Forest Stewardship Council®", ensuring that the forests from which the product is derived are managed sustainably and certified by an independent board. This further highlights Egro Coffee's commitment to drawing a pathway toward a sustainable future.

With their new range of innovative and sustainable coffee products, Egro Coffee Systems is leading the way in delivering premium coffee while promoting environmental sustainability. The corporate branding project and packaging design by SENSORY has helped Egro Coffee Systems to deliver a unique and eco-friendly coffee experience that not only tastes great but also makes people feel good about their coffee choices!