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Academic Lectures, Workshop & Collective Creation.


Procedural Modeling, Creative Coding, Parametric Design, Robotic Fabrication & Metaverse Experiences



Location:  Istanbul Technical University

In this workshop, we will focus on architectural design, interior design and product design by using algorithmic design thinking.





Location: Bilgi University

This course aims to help students understand the world through abstraction and conceptualization of their surroundings: shapes, forms, figures, colors, textures, materials, scales, space(s).





Location: Bilgi University

Students will learn to use Processing with Java language to design with coding. The main aim of the course is to create a workflow of thinking and executing design problems with algorithmic design thinking.












Location: Online


Through the creation of interactive spaces and assets we will study how flow in game and liquid architecture perspectives have the potential to shape the way we design through digital tools for the Metaverse. 






Location: Online

FRACTUM aims to investigate the potential of computational tools and generative systems in designing artefacts that involve complex skeletal structures and to create aesthetic, functional and structurally efficient design objects.






Location: Online

Advanced digital modelling and generative design methodologies

Workshop offers the opportunity to learn many advanced 3D modeling programs and progress through different design studios..

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